Antimonium crudum, disordered stomach, tongue coated white, bitter vomiting, worse after eating or drinking. Arsenicum, watery, burning discharges, worse about midnight, prostration, great thirst, but drinks but little at a time. Bryonia, from change of weather, eating fruit; painful, worse from motion. Calcarea carb., during dentition, child light skin, large head and crooked legs. Chamomilla during dentition, discharges green, painful, watery, looks like chopped eggs. Mercurius, green or bloody discharges, great straining at stool, can't get done. Rheum, greenish-brown fermented discharges, sour discharges, child smells sour.

Veratrum alb., profuse vomiting and diarrhea, cold skin.

If thirsty during diarrhea, the patient should be allowed to drink large quantities of pure cold water, and quite a quantity at a time, as a small quantity is liable to be thrown up at once.