It is necessary to speak of only one dislocation, and that is, the backward dislocation of the thumb, which is considered and given in the books as one of the worst to reduce. It is advised to apply straps, to pull even with pulleys is recommended. Sometimes it is left dislocated, sometimes the ligaments are cut, destroying the use of the joint, and the thumb has been amputated; still it is one of the easiest to reduce. Grasp the injured hand, palm down, place the end of both thumbs against the end of the dislocated bone, place both of your fore-fingers under the middle of the thumb, then with the fore-finger lift the dislocated thumb to a standing position at right angles with the connecting bone; then give a quick, strong push with both thumbs, pushing it off the other bone; remove the fore-fingers, and with the thumbs bend the thumb to its natural position. If done soon after the injury it is almost painless.

If it has been done some time, and it is swollen, it may be necessary to give an anesthetic.