Stillatitlae simplices. The simple distilled waters, now called only aquae; the word simples is omitted.

Distilled waters are only water impregnated with the essential oil of the subjects distilled with them. When more oil is brought over than the water can take up, it swims at the top, or sinks to the bottom, and is to be separated by a funnel. Cohobating may answer for obtaining more essential oil, but it does not increase the strength of the water first distilled; and -such plants as do not sufficiently impregnate the water at the first distilling are improper subjects for this operation: other methods are to be used to obtain their virtues. See Distillatio.

Distilled waters are extemporaneously made with the oleo-sacchara, oils rendered miscible with water by rubbing them with sugar, or with the essential salts. See Oleo saccharum.

When simple waters are used alone, or as the principal medicine, they are not disagreeable; but when used only as vehicles for other more powerful remedies, distilled water is by far more elegant; and as but few of the simple waters are of sufficient efficacy to be used alone, they are hardly worth the trouble of making.