Or Purgatrix. The Purging nut. Jatropha multifida Lin. Sp. Pi. 1429. The tree is a native of America and the West Indies; and grows to a considerable size. Its fruit is oval shaped, containing roundish, and somewhat triangular, brownish seeds, which have but little acrimony, and taste like almonds, but yet operate briskly by vomit and stool.

Grana tiglia. Croton tiglium Lin. Sp. Pi. 1426. The Molucca grains, so called because they were first brought from the Molucca islands. They are also called croton, and pinus Indica nucleo purgante. The tree is a native of America and the East Indies; the fruit is roundish, containing dark greyish seeds; shaped nearly like those of the palma Christi. They are intensely hot and acrid, operate with a degree of virulence both upward and downward; and of the four sorts above mentioned, this is the most active. One drachm of the oil is a strong dose.

The wood and leaves of the above five trees and plants are strong cathartics. Hermann says, that the wood of the tiglia, called panava, or pavana, operates violently when fresh, but when long kept is sudorific.