(From Buphthalmum 1558 an ox, and oculus, an eye; from its resemblance to an ox's eye). Ox eye, or ox eyed, named boanthemon. In Myrepsus it is called crespulum.

Buphthalmum cotulae Folio,also cotula flore luteo radiato, is the camomile like ox eye.

Buphthalmum Germanicum, called also bupthal-mum tanaceti minoris folio, chamaemelum, chrysanthemum, buphalmum vulg. common ox eye.

Buphthalmum verum, called also buph. perigrinum, tenuifolium folio mille folii fere, chrysanthemum cotulae folio, cotula fore luteo radicato, cachlan, ox eye.

These are all species of the anthemis or bupthalmum, resembling the camomile flowers. It is unnecessary to distinguish them, as the flowers of the common daisy are sold for them, and they possess no real medical virtues.

These plants have tender stalks, with leaves like those of fennel, and yellow flowers resembling an eye. They grow in fields near towns. All the species are commended in the jaundice, perhaps because they are yellow.

Buphthalmum creticum. See Pyrethrum.

Buphthalmum majus. See Bellis major.