Peruviana. See Bexugo.

Cleonis Collyrium

The name of a col-lyrium described by Celsus.

Cleonis gluten. It is mentioned by Oribasius, lib. iv. and recommended for restraining fluxes: it consists of terra Samia, myrrh, grains of frankincense, of each equal parts; the white of egg, a sufficient quantity; spread on linen cloth, to be applied to the temples and forehead.


(From Clepsydra 2232 to conceal, and

water). Properly an instrument to measure time by the dropping of water through a hole from one vessel to another; but it is used to express a chemical vessel perforated in the same manner. It is also an instrument mentioned by Paracelsus, contrived to convey suffumi-gations to the uterus."


(Quasi Clibanus 2234 from to conceal). A little portable oven.

Clifton Water

This well lies a mile from Deddington in Oxfordshire. It is a weaker water of the same sort with Tilbury, which see.


(From Climax 2238 to proceed). Also called scala sacra. A name given by the ancients to some antidotes, the ingredients in which gradually diminished in quantity, e.g.chamaedryos iij. centaurii ij. hype-rici i. See Pulvis ad rheumatismum, under



See Cadmia.


(From Clinicus 2242 . a bed, also cataclines).

Clinical. It is applied to patients who keep their beds. Hence a clinical physician is one who attends the sick; and clinical lectures are those in part, at least, delivered at the bed side on the cases of the patient.


The four small processes of the os sphenoides, which form the sella turcica, (from Clinoides 2243 resemblance, and a bed).


Mastoideus, for Cleidomastoideus. See Mastoideus musculus.


(From Clinopetes 2245 a bed, and peto, to seek). A person who,on account of great weakness, or any disorder, is obliged to lie in bed, or on a bed.


(From Clinopodium 2246 a bed, and a foot; so called because it has leaves like a bed's foot ). See Marum.

Clinopodium majus Acinos. See Basilicum.

CLlssus, is a chemical technical term, and denotes mineral compounded spirits. But antimony is considered as the basis clyssi. A spirit of antimony is called clyssus.