Or Volvulus, (from convolvo, to roll together). (See Iliaca passio.) It is also the name of a genus which affords the Jalapa, Mecoachana, Turbith, and Scammony; q. v. The whole genus usually abounds with plants containing a milky juice strongly cathartic and caustic.

Convolvulus sepium, Lin. Sp. Pi. 218. It is the c. major albus of authors, and resembles, in its virtues, the scammony.

Convolvulus scoparius, a new species, vide Lin. Supplem. 135. Aiton's Kew, vol. i. p. 213. Wildenow, vol. i. p. 872. Probably the plant which affords the lignum rhodium.

Convolvulus colubrinus. See Pareira brava.

Convolvulus Indicus radice tuberosa eduli, cortice rubro. Potatoes. Sec Battatas His-panica.

Convolvulus maritimus. See Brassica mari-tima.

Convolvulus maritimus Zeylanicus, etc. See bintambaru zeylanensibus.

Convolvulus cantabrica, convolvulus spicae foliis, convolvulus linariae folio. See Canta-brica.

Convolvulus soldanella. See Brassica maritima.

Convolvulus syriacus. See Scammonium. Convolvulus perennis. See Lupulus.