Biliaria Arteria

(From bills, appertaining to bile). The biliary artery. When the hepatic artery hath advanced as far as the vesicula fellis it gives out the biliaria, which accompanies the two cystic branches in the gall bladder, and then is lost in the great lobe of the liver. See Hepatica arteria.


Lmbi. (Indian). A tree of about eight or ten feet high, which Bontius calls billing bing; and by the Europeans it is named malus Indica,fructu pentagono. Averhoa bilimbi Lin. Sp. Pi. 613. Nat. order terebin-thinacea.

It is cultivated in the gardens in Malabar, bears flowers and fruit all the year. The juice of the root is cooling; that expressed from the fruit cures the itch, and several other diseases, if applied by laying on linen cloths that have been dipped in it. Inwardly taken, it abates the gripes and a diarrhoea. The ripe fruit is eaten as a delicacy, the unripe made into a pickle for the use of the table.

There is another species called neli poli, or bilimbi altera minor, averhoa acida Lin. The male species of the nebipouli is called alapouli. Raii Hist.

Bilis Atra

See Atrabilis.


Bing. See Bilimbi.


(From binus, double). Among the Romans it is the number two. But the Spagiric philosophers affix other ideas to it. See Theat. Chim. vol. i.


See Cassumunar.


(From binus, double, and oculus, (he eye). A bandage for retaining the dressings on both eyes. It is either a single or a double headed roller, is twelve feet long, and two or three fingers in breadth. Its application will be easily understood by referring to Monoculus.


A Rabbinical term signifying mental sickness, or a disordered imagination. By the addition of mors to this term,it is a binsical death; the death which follows the disorders of the mind, such as are produced by the bite of a mad dog.

Bintambaru Zeylanensibus

(Indian). Convolvulus maritimus Zeylanicus; pes caprae Lusita-nia; the convolvulus pes cafirae Lin. Sp. Pi. 226. A plant growing in Malabar and Ceylon; it abounds with an acrid milky juice. A drachm of the resin of the root purges. Raii Hist.


(From Biolychnium 1422 life, and a candle or lamp). The lamp of life. Vital heat, vital flame, or natural heat. Sec Calidum innatum. It is also the name of a secret remedy prepared from human blood by Beguinus.


(Greek). Life and its course. But sometimes it only means victuals.


(From Biote 1424 life). Life. In an affected sense it signifies the time of a continuance of aliment in the body; thus weak food hath a short life annexed.


(From Biothanati 1425 violent, and death). A term applied to those who die a violent and sudden death; it is sometimes applied to suicides.