(From Corallodendron 2391 coral,and a tree; resembling in hardness and colour a piece of coral). The leaves for the most part consist of three lobes; the flowers arc papilionaceous, and succeeded by knobbed bivalve pods, which contain several kidney shaped seeds. A confect made with the flow-ers is called caryl.

Arbor coral siliqua sylvestris spinosa,three leaved American coral tree, with deep red flowers, commonly called, in America, the bean tree. Erythrina corallodendron Lin. Sp. Pi. 992. var. α.

Arbor coral, min. or the lesser three leaved American coral tree, with black seeds and spines.

Ray informs us, that the inhabitants of Malabar make sheaths for their knives and swords with the wood; that they use the wood with the bark which they call saras-sas, for washing their garments; and of the flower they make the confection called caryl. The powdered leaves, when boiled with the mature cacao nut, consume venereal buboes, and ease pains in the bones. The juice of the leaves, taken with the oil sergelim, mitigates venereal blindness.