(From Exelcosis 3773 an ulcer). See Exul Ceratio.


(From Exerma 3774 to vomit up). The matter ejected by vomiting.


(From exercito, to exercise). Exercise. (See AEora.) The exercise of the body for the benefit of health is called gymnastic. (See Gym-nastica). The military exercises, gardening, husbandry, or other employments in the open air, conduce greatly to health; and moderate exercise in the open air, an hour or two before breakfast, improves the appetite and cheers the spirits: glandular obstructions are best prevented and cured by moderate exercise.

On the other hand, when exercise is too freely used, it occasions loss of appetite, loathing of food, costive-ness, rigors, and fainting. In this case a moderate use of wine, warm bathing, quiet sleep, and a moist nourishing diet, afford the best relief. See Fordyce's Elements, part i. Mackenzie on Health.

Exerrhesis Exerrhosis Exerrhy

Sis, (from Exerrhesis Exerrhosis Exerrhy 3775 to flow from). See Ecroe.


(From ex/olio, to shed a leaf). See Desquamatorium.


(From Exipoticos 3776 to press out or filter).

An epithet for digesting or deterging medicines: in Galen synonymous with attrahents.


(From exeo, to come from). A running abscess: applied by Paracelsus to putrid excrements.

Exitus Ani

See Procidentia ani.


Or Exoche, (from Exochas 3777 without, and to have). A tubercle on the outside of the anus.


And Exocystis, (from Exocyste 3779 withcut, and the bladder). A prolapsus of the inner membrane of the bladder.


(From Exomphalos 3781 out, and a navel). Any protuberance of the navel. See Hernia umbii.icalis, and Hydrops umbilicalis.


(From Exonchoma 3783 out, and a tumour). Any large prominent tumour.


(From Exoneirosis 3785 out, and sleep)

Nocturnal pollution, when in sleep the semen is ejected. This, if rare, may be from redundant vigour; if frequent, from weakness of the seminal vessels, the indulgence of lascivious thoughts. It is seldom re lieved by astringents. Cold bathing is its chief remedy but it is generally necessary to lessen the too great action of the spermatic vessels by sedatives. Camphor and nitre sometimes with opium are the most effectual. The latter causes are the most frequent.