(Ab horrore arista, from the unpleasantness of the beard to the touch). Barlky. In the. shops barely occurs in two forms, viz. hordeum distichon Lin. Sp. Pl. 125; hordeum Ga/licum vel mundatum; and common or scotch barley, and hordeum. The common or Scotch barley is the hordeum vulgare Lin. Sp. Pl. 125.

Barley is less nutritious, less glutinous, and more cooling than either wheat, oats, or rice. It was the principal aliment and medicine amongst the ancients in acute diseases; but the common barley, freed from the shell in mills, and called French or Scotch barley, is generally used. A sort of shelled barley is formed into small round grains in Holland and Germany, and called pearl barley; of which are three preparations, made in the following manner:

Decoctum hordei. Barley water.- Hordeum 4245 Hordei omni cortice nudati. p. ii. aquae distillatae m. lb iv. The barley is first to be washed, and cleared from all adhering substances, in cold water: about half a pint of water is next to be poured upon it, and boiled for a little time. - This liquor is to be decanted, and to the barley the distilled water added, boiled to two pints, and strained for use.

Decoctum hordei compositum, olim decoctum pectorale. Compound decoction of barley, or pectoral decoction.- Hordeum 4247 Decocti hordei m. lb ii. uvarum passarum acinis exemptis: caricarum incisarum, singulorum, p. ii. Glycyrrhizse incisae et contusae, p. ss. Aquae distillatae, m. lb i. Decoque ad libras cluas, et cola.

Decoctum hordei cum gummi. Decoction of barley with gum - In two pints of the decoctum hordei, whilst warm, one ounce of gum arabic is to be dissolved.

The decoction of barley with gum is an useful diluent and demulcent in strangury and dysury; for the gum mixes with the urine, and sheaths the urinary canal from the acrimony of this excrementitious fluid.

Decoctions of barley in water contain their lighter and more agreeable parts, and are useful as an article of diet in acute and inflammatory disorders; but are most useful when accompanied with mucilaginous medicines, to assist their union with the blood. Barley, in its malted state, is also antiseptic, and an useful alterative. See Brasium.

Hordeum causticum. See Cevedilla.