A lenticular; a rugine.

Lenticulare os, (from lenticula, lentil). A name of the fourth bone in the first row of the wrist; os or-biculare, and pisiforme.

The os lenticulare, or orbiculare, of the ear, Dr. Hunter thinks, is part of the incus, as its extremities stand upon a narrow neck, and are soon broken off: in the adult it is one continued bone with the incus.

Lenticulares, glandulae, (from the same,) small glands of the intestines, so called from their size. See Petechiae.


(From lens, a lentil). Freckles. See Ephelides.




(From lentus, viscid). A viscidity or siziness; in the humoral pathology, the supposed source of many diseases. See Morbi fluidorum.


(From the Hebrew levia). The lion, the name of several preparations of the Spagirists, of the leprosy, etc.

Leonina Lepra Or Leontiasis, Or Le-Ontion

(From leo, the lion, because lions are said to be subject to it). A variety of the elephantiasis.


Os and O'ra SAEva; from its prickly mouth. See Antirrhinum.

Leontice Veterum

See Cacalia.


(From Leontodon 4666 the lion, and a tooth J. See Dens leonis.


(From Leontopodium 4668 and a foot, from its supposed resemblance,) filago Alpina, leonto-fiodium majus, gnaphalium Alpinum,lion's Foot,flago leontipodium Lin. Sp. Pl. 1312, grows on hills, and flowers in July. The bruised roots were once famed for removing the blackness of bruises in the skin.


(From Leonurus 4670 a lion, and a tail).

See Cardiaca.

Lepidoides Sutura

(From Lepidoides Sutura 4676 a scale, and likeness). See Suturae.


Lepidosarcoma 4678 a scale, and flesh). A sarcomatous and scaly tumour of the mouth. Severinus.

Leporina Labra

See Labia leporina. Leporinum Rostrum, (from lepus, and rostrum, a beak). The piece of flesh often seen between the divisions of the hare lip.


(From Leptophonia 4681 slender, and the voice ). See Paraphonia.


(From Leptopityron 4683 thin, and bran). See Furfur.


(From Leros 4685 to trifle). See Delirium.

Leseoli Morbus

See Icterus.


A diaphanous salt, which cures the jaundice. Paracelsus.