All these ideas are now forming themselves in the popular mind, and there is growing distrust of the immigrant. It is explained in an article by Dr. A. J. McLaughlin* He calls attention to the fact that native-born Americans have always distrusted the immigrant and been jealous of him, objected to giving up to him the land and its sovereignty. There was a little body even in the Constitutional Convention who wanted to exclude him from the sovereignty, but they succeeded merely in restricting the office of President to a native-born citizen. Then came the Alien Act of John Adams' administration. The Hartford Convention, in 1812, said: "The stock population of these States is amply sufficient to render this nation in due time sufficiently great and powerful." We have shown that this opinion of the Hartford Convention was absolutely correct, and that with our rate of increase in 1812 we would be just as numerous if we had no immigration after the Revolution. "The very municipal government of New York expressed apprehension at the handful (of immigrants), less than 10,000, that came over in 1819-20." Then, in 1830, Senator Merrick, of Maryland, tried to exclude aliens from pre-emption rights on public lands, and prior to this Senator Clayton tried to limit the franchise to natives born in the new territories of Kansas and Nebraska. Finally, in the fifties, came the Know-Nothing party, which was defeated by the vote of aliens.

* Popular Science Monthly, January, 1903.

The new distrust is not of the alien as an alien, but of the alien races which have never possessed a share of the sovereignty of the Aryan democracies in which they lived. Until twenty-five years ago our immigrants were almost exclusively types of the Northwest corner of Europe, where we have found the brains of the world. Up to that time the only effect of immigration was to replace earlier Aryans by later Aryans who had larger birth rates, as they were accustomed to a lower scale of living and could raise more children than the native born. And the newcomers have abundantly proved their blood by shedding it when necessary. They amalgamated because they were of the same breed as the Revolutionists. A change took place twenty-five years ago. The immigrants are now from parts of Europe and Asia where there is much less brain than the Aryan possesses - men of different breeds, difficult to amalgamate with Aryans. "Hordes of illiterates," "scum of Europe," "paupers," Hebrews, Poles, Slovaks, Croatians, Magyars, Italians, Syrians, who cannot understand Aryan democracy, have never been able to resist Aryans, have waxed numerous in the high civilization built up by Aryans for thousands of years and have always been commensal organisms.

Our immigration first started from the country with London as a center, then the people behind that began to flow, so that the center moved East and took in Scandinavia; by 1890 the center was in Paris, but went east so fast that in 1906 it was in Constantinople. Gustave Michaud* showed that whereas in 1835-90 the Teutonic (or Baltic) type of people constituted eighty-seven per cent, of immigrants, Alpine (or Asiatic), ten, and Mediterranean, three, it had changed in 1890-1900 to Baltic, fifty-three; Alpine, thirty-two; Mediterranean, fifteen, and in the previous two years, Baltic, thirty-five; Alpine, forty-two, and Mediterranean, twenty-three. We are getting more and more of the Asiatics and lower races, who will be our future peril. According to Ripley (Atlantic Monthly, Dec, 1908), of the 1,250,000 immigrants in 1907, only one-sixth were of the Baltic race, which has been controlling the world for so long a time, the rest being the types which have never been efficient unless under that control: the Mediterranean race, one-fourth; Alpine, one-sixth; Slavic, one-fourth, and Jews, mostly Russian, one-eighth.

* Century, March, 1903.

Hence, that growing distrust of the immigrant is the realization by the people that the body politic is sick. They have not made the exact diagnosis yet, but they will soon. The political microscope will be adjusted and they will find that instead of the healthy, normal Aryan tissue harboring a few commensal, healthy, Semitic, Hametic and Turanian organisms, it is swarming with them. The toxines produced by the parasites are causing the symptoms. Some of the parasites have grown large, fat, rich, and powerful, and bid fair to make the host very sick. Things always have to get worse before they get better. A sick man never calls a doctor at first; he waits until he is worse. The body politic will not call a doctor until it is sure it cannot "throw off" its disease without paying for medicine. It sometimes succeeds - indeed, generally does - but often it becomes very sick and has to take the medicines made necessary by ignorance and violation of natural law.