The Chinese in the Philippine and Malay Archipelago are commensal, and precisely like the Jews in Europe, useful and beneficial when scattered and few, but parasitic in large concentrated numbers. They can take no part in public affairs, indeed, are wholly unfitted for such work, for their brains are appropriate for the barbarous conditions of China. They demand protection of life and property, but refuse to aid in protecting society from its enemies. They cannot organize for mutual protection on account of their extreme selfishness and utter lack of altruism. When Chinamen have become so numerous in the Philippines as to constitute an ethnic disease, they have been thinned out by massacres. If the Chinese and Jews had done their share of self-sacrifice for the common good, they would have been parts of the organism. The absorption of the Jews in the future will be explained in a later chapter.

Our Italians are, to a large extent, aliens to the organization they serve as a necessary element. Large numbers have no intention of making America their permanent homes. The cam-morista, "black hand" and mafia organizations among them show how dangerous they may become if too numerous. In an Aryan democracy they are out of place, and the type was not a part of the old Roman Aryan democracy.

Prof. Edward A. Steiner, of the Iowa College, Grinnell. Iowa, himself an immigrant twenty-five years ago, has closely studied the various streams of humanity pouring into America. He has lived with them, traveled with them and worked with them, and surely should know their general characteristics at least. His conclusions * are not at all hopeful as to the outcome, and he recognizes the futility of expecting some of them to understand governments intended for brainier types. He makes a sad picture of the Slavs, who have no idea of patriotism, for only six per cent, plan to remain here, and most of them are voted like machines and herded like sheep.

* "On the Trail of the Immigrant".

It is generally believed that negro slavery was a commensal relationship necessary in developing our South, as similar slavery was known to be necessary in the development of early civilizations, in Mesopotamia, Egypt, etc. Nevertheless, we were in too great a hurry. The same development would have come later without slavery, and we would have been spared the awful disease produced by too many slaves. We paid the penalty from 1861 to 1865, and were properly bled to reduce the fever. While convalescent we committed another ethnic blunder by exalting the lower organism to a place which made it sick. The negro, like the Jew, is therefore undergoing a degeneration which destroys his commensal usefulness to us. Until he dies out, as he must in time, in accordance with natural law, it is to our interest to restore his proper environment, teach him to be useful to himself, so that he will be healthy enough to render good to us in return.