As a result of past persecutions the Jew has developed variations which fit him for the specialties of modern civilization to a far greater extent than Aryans, who in time will evolve identical variations, but for the present the Jew is taking the lead in many walks of life, being our best specialists therein, though he cannot yet indulge in outdoor work, mechanical employments or agriculture. Now, the Jew as a race will not fight for his existence, but he demands that other races shall sacrifice themselves for him and preserve him. He exists now because he has been protected by the soldiers of the world from massacre. He will not volunteer as a soldier except in small numbers - a very small percentage of the race. He survives by the spilling of blood of his protectors. It is said that some of the Jews in New York were terror stricken in the Spanish War, and fled to the interior even when there was not a particle of danger. There are men in every race capable of money getting but too timid to fight to protect it. The blackest blots of the Boer War were made by the rich Englishmen who caused it and who took to their heels and whined for protection as soon as actual fighting began. According to common reports, very few of them volunteered.

Why is it that Prussia has barely 400,000 Jews, while a little further to the east in Russia there are 5,500,000, and this in spite of liberal treatment in the former country, and dreadful repression in the latter? Clearly, they are needed as commensal organisms among the stupid Russian peasantry who have not the intelligence to do what the Jew can do better for him. In Prussia there is a far less field of usefulness and fewer can crowd in - the Prussians furnish plenty of types to do these things for which the "Slavs" depend upon Jews. In addition, this Jewish area of Europe is more or less in the trade routes between Europe and Asia, and they have settled as middlemen because needed to carry on that trade, but England and Wales can support a bare 250,000, and Scotland scarcely any. That East Central part of Europe divided up among Austria, Germany and Russia, can never become free, and the large proportion of Jews in it was responsible for the loss of Poland's nationality. There were too many male residents who could not fight for their country. The organism,* therefore, died of this ethnic infectious disease. The same thing can occur in America, which would be divided among European nations, if more than half of us would refuse to fight for liberty.

Many Jews do take an active interest in politics and war. Many of our best statesmen and soldiers have been Jews - several thousand served in our Civil War, both North and South, and have distinguished themselves in various civic duties ever since the organization of this government. Dr. Madison C. Peters has written a great deal in favor of the Jews, and shows that they have done more than we usually give credit for. There is no reason why the Jew should not become a part of the nation in which he lives, for, as we have already shown, he is ethnically like the nation which harbors him. In the North of Europe, he may even be an Aryan. Nevertheless, the record shows that in proportion to their numbers, they do not yet perform their share of civic duties. We have protected the Jewish commensal organism until it has multiplied to an extent which threatens to be harmful.

It is to be noted that New York City is in the main trade route from America to the rest of the world, and that Jews always collect in such a place because needed. Manhattan and its vicinity is, therefore, another Poland, where the Jews are liable to collect in greater numbers than good for them or the supporting population. They originated in an Asiatic trade center, and have always flocked to new ones in which they will permanently remain. They have already taken possession of much of Baltimore, New Orleans and San Francisco, and every railroad center in the interior.

In the ten years, ending in 1906, there were seven times as many Jewish immigrants as in all previous years, and the numbers in the United States increased from 150,000, in 1860, to 1,500,000, in 1906, so that we harbor twice as many as Germany. In New York City alone there are more than 800,000, and they constitute about one-fourth of the population of Manhattan, many living in abject poverty, and 75,000 to 100,000 being more or less dependent upon alms. They have developed a world of "vice and crime," "irreligiousness, lack of self-restraint, indifference to social conventions, indulgence in the most degraded and perverted appetites," and "growing daily more pronounced and more offensive." * Surely this is a picture of parasitism, and ethnic disease. "The tendency of Hebrews to prosper diminishes as they congregate together, and, quite apart from the matter of civil disabilities, there is a proportion above which they are unable to thrive in any given city or town."* To overcome this, "observant Jews have adopted in recent days the plan of planting out their people who come here, singly or by families, and the further apart the better."*

* Poland's Sovereignty.

The European anti-semitism, which has aroused our indignation, is bound to appear in America as soon as the Jews become too numerous. Although they enjoy unprecedented religious liberty, yet when they are in the majority they show a tendency to persecute Gentiles and change the Christian customs of the land. School teachers have referred slightingly to Christ. Such intolerance is already creating intense indignation and may cause political disabilities. The safety of the Jews depends upon being in a controlled minority.

One reason for the successful persecution of the Jew is his inability to combine for mutual offense and defense. His selfishness prevents. No nation can become strong without self sacrifice now and then, like the Japanese. The Chinaman will not die for his country, and his country is weak. Aryan civilization demands a high grade of altruism which the Jews do not possess. Selfishness is part and parcel of their sphere of usefulness, for if they combined to oppress the natives among whom they live, neither could survive. We should not blame the Jew, then, for the characteristics which make him valuable. Nevertheless, if he is unwilling to do his share of the fighting for his country, he should not be a voter - provided, of course, he is physically able.

* Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the United Hebrew Charities, October, 1901. * Mitchell. * Jacob A. Riis. Century, March, 1903.

This is why his political disabilities will probably be continued permanently in Russia. Indeed, it is not at all unlikely that tall Jews do become amalgamated into the supporting organism by force of circumstances, and this continual elimination leaves the remainder shorter and frailer than the surrounding people - an universal phenomenon discovered by Fishberg.