The descriptions we have already given of the migrations of the blond Slavs, Celts and Teutons, should leave no doubt in our minds that in all Europe, ever since the bronze age, Aryan civilizations have been built up by blond Northern men who have constituted themselves a warrior class or aristocracy. The conditions in Russia, and Central Europe are fundamentally the same as in ancient India. The German aristocracy is almost wholly built up of the warrior class, and no "gentle" born man dared to take up any other calling than that of killing lower races or ruling them. Only recently German conditions have begun to change on account of her growing dependence upon home industries and trade.

What we desire to emphasize now is the fact that Aryan ideas and brains have been the guiding ones in Europe for a long time. It does not mean that all the armies used by the Aryan conquerors were composed of Aryans - far from it! Aryan leaders use any race they find at hand - negro regiments here, Chinese there, Hindus elsewhere, and so on. Russian Aryans used Asiatics almost exclusively in Manchuria, and perhaps the Sanskrit Aryans did the same to a large extent in India. Sallust, writing of the North African peoples, makes of Hercules a leader of an army in Spain composed of many peoples - Medes, Persians, Armenians and others.

We also wish to call attention to the fact that the upper classes in every part of Europe, from pre-history to the present, are distinctly blonder than the peasantry. It is exactly as though this upper layer had more recently flowed down from the North, and stayed on top by reason of its brains. Consequently, the peasantry almost invariably associate rulers, fairies and gods with blondness. Homer's gods and men were frequently fair. Jesus is nearly always a blond, and so is Venus, though sometimes given dark eyes. Milton's Eve was blond. Greek sculptors gilded the hair of statues, and Greek and Roman women bleached their hair to imitate the upper crust. Ripley and Havelock Ellis mention scores of other instances of the elevation of blondness which shows it to be universal that every race of man looked up to blonder rulers from the North. Even in Norway, in ancient times, the yarl was whiter than the churl, and ancient Greek and Etruscan decorations show the same distinction. It is even found in modern Japan.

As we have conclusively proved in the work on "The Effects of Tropical Light on White Men,"* why the center of blondness in the world is in Norway, it is quite evident that these Northern types are the ones which have constantly drifted South, to become the upper layers of society as rulers and warriors. This organization of Europe is going on all the time, for the Southern drift is perpetual - it is a drift like a glacier, always melting because entering climates too warm and too light. Like a glacier, too, it mercilessly grinds the lower layers upon which it moves - the Alpine and Mediterranean types.

* Rebman & Co., Publishers.

Some specimens constantly drift as far as Italy and Spain and help to uphold Aryan civilization as long as they last. To be sure, the Mediterranean type produces a few men of wonderful ability, exceptional variations, but without the aid from Northern types among them, the Aryan civilization of the South could not sustain itself. Northern brains are keeping Europe Aryan-ized, and even recently the Greeks sent North for a Danish king, who was really forced on them, and we were on the point of nominating for the Presidency the son of a Scandinavian immigrant.

The drift which carried Slav Aryans into Russia as a ruling element only to die out, is continuing, but they speak German now. Recent reports show that of the 13,000,000 urban residents, 7,000,000 are German, who control much of the trade and manufacturing, own nearly two per cent, of the land, and are really upholding Aryan civilization in an Asiatic environment. They are percolating into governmental employ because so trustworthy.

Gustave le Bon asserts that the South American Republics are kept from absolute anarchy now by the Aryan foreigners living there, that is - Americans, Englishmen and Germans. Valparaiso is an English city, and Chili would collapse if its foreigners were withdrawn. Though the Argentine Republic has 4,000,000 natives of Spanish origin, there is a foreigner at the head of every important industry. This is in marked contrast to Venezuela, where the natives are ruining the land. The only decent Central American republic is managed by Europeans.