The most curious result of modern ethnology is the discovery that though men change languages easily, they rarely change religions, which are strictly separated according to race and brain development. Aryans cannot become Mohammedans. The self-willed, free, and contentious Teuton is Protestant wherever he goes, Scandinavia, Lowlands of Scotland, Ulster, Holland, North Germany, Iceland and Burgundian Cantons of Switzerland. There we find the long-headed type of skull, but wherever we find Asiatic intruders, the broad-headed races, there is Catholicism, with its submission and resignation - Belgians, South Germans, East and South Cantons of Switzerland, Bohemia, France, Alsace, Galway and Kerry, and Russia. The Gauls had a pope when Ccesar visited them. In like manner Roman Catholicism was evolved by Semitic types and is perfectly adapted to the dark long-headed Mediterranean races, so that Italy, Spain, Greece cannot become Protestant nor Sweden Catholic, but England accepts a compromise. Savages accept any hybrid religion embodying their own superstitions, as our negro and the Abyssinian. Religion changes by race, and religious wars are always race wars. Missionary efforts are, therefore, futile except to force Christianity on lower races which are to be henceforth immersed in a civilized community. Otherwise the race simply accepts the religion it can understand, which is always in accordance with the civilization it can evolve of its own efforts, savagery with fetishism, barbarous peoples with Mohammedanism and Brahmanism, while Christianity in the highest races is interpreted entirely according to the race's mental level. Hence, the Teutonic race cannot understand Mediterranean Catholicism nor Italians understand Protestantism. The Filipinos have accepted the Mediterranean form of Catholicism, its outward symbols and ceremonies being identically the same, but they have injected into it some of their wonderful old religion and folklore so that it really is a new religion as distinct as the Christianity of Abyssinia. They are perfectly satisfied, perfectly submissive to their own priests, and it seems useless to expect them to change. They are probably as surely Catholic for all time as the Mediterranean States. Some of them who belong to our Protestant churches also go to mass, and invariably run to the priests for christenings, marriages and funerals - for to their mind none other are legal. For fifteen centuries Christian missionaries have actively labored to convert the Chinese, and we still devote to this impossible task millions which might go to the uplifting of our urban barbarians at home. Confucian, Buddhist and Mohammedan doctrines have likewise been injected into this inert mass only to decay, and there survives over all the primitive beliefs existing before gods were personified. The Emperor yearly worshiped and sacrificed in the old faith at the altars in the Temple of Heaven - the oldest religion in a civilized land.

Finally, since the mass of Aryans are blonds, while the Mediterraneans and Asiatics are brunet, as a result of natural selection in their dark and light countries respectively, we have a clear explanation of why it is, that in our Protestant churches, the communicants tend to be blonds, but in the Catholic (Roman or Greek) churches, Jewish synagogues, and Mohammedan mosques, they are brunet. Indeed, some Protestant congregations are almost wholly blond.