No wonder, then, that Christianity had to travel out of the country and settle among the Aryans of Europe - blood relatives of the peoples who originated the basic ideas. It was a parallel case to Buddhism, winch was a Protestant form of Brahmanism in a sense, and Buddhism was driven out of its birthplace. It was exterminated by a series of persecutions so severe as to make the Christian persecutions of later date appear mild in comparison. These two great Aryan religions, then, were not acceptable to the Semitic ruling elements in Asia after the Aryan originators were dead. The whole country later reverted to lower religions - Mohammedanism and Brahmanism.

The point is not exactly that Christianity is a form of Buddhism taught by Buddhist missionaries in Western Asia, as some scholars now think, even going to the extreme as to teach that Christ himself was a Buddhist convert, but that both religions are the crystallization of Aryan ideas, carried to Asia or originated in Asia by Aryan immigrants. There is a tradition that Christ spent many years in a Buddhist monastery during that period of his life of which we have absolutely no records.

* 660-583 b.c.

Andrew D. White* mentions several facts and quotes several authorities, which leave little doubt that there had been a profound influence on Israel from Persia - many religious ideas having been copied from a land under Aryan control. It must be remembered the Judaism, Zoroasteranism, and Buddhism all arose at the same time and all under Aryan control.

The evidences of Aryan influences in primitive Christianity are so strong that Prof. Paul Haupt, of Johns Hopkins University, has even taken the ground that Jesus himself was an Aryan of Galilee which had been largely colonized by Aryans after the Assyrian conquest and then Judaized by Aristobulus, the king of the Jews. Nevertheless, there is no sure evidence of the survival of Aryans in Asia at this date.

Glaciers carry along huge bowlders torn from the bedrock, and deposit them in the terminal moraine as the ice disappears. So these streams of men carried along huge intellectual bowlders, depositing them as intellectual terminal moraines wherever the race disappeared. The bowlders of widely separated moraines may be identical because torn from the same area, and the intellectual remains of Aryan streams are identical because taken from the same place - Northwestern Europe - though we find them widely distributed, from India to the Pillars of Hercules. For instance, there are a host of similarities between the ancient Romans and the ancient Irish Celts of the same period. This does not indicate that one was derived from the other, but from the same source.

The number of people on earth who have been thus influenced by Aryan religious ideas is remarkable. Christianity claims twenty-six per cent., Buddahism forty, Brahmanism thirteen.*  To this we must add twelve per cent, for Mohammedanism, which actually accepts Christ as a prophet, so that over ninety per cent, of the earth's population has accepted some Aryan philosophy. Since Buddhism must have also influenced the native religions of China and Japan, the above estimate is well within the truth.

* Popular Science Monthly, October, 1895.

*  Rhys David's "Buddhism".