(Published In 1893 )

The Mathews Building, at Third and Grand Avenues, Milwaukee, Wis., has been erected for general business and office purposes at a cost of about $200,-000. It is a modern six-story building of iron and brick fireproof construction about 100x110 feet in size, and 92 feet high above the basement. It is provided with five toilet and water-closet rooms, has slopsinks on every floor, fire-hose cocks in each main corridor and a washbasin with hot and cold water supply in each of 50 suites of rooms. The plumbing, which was in accordance with the requirements of architects Ferry & Clas, cost about $14,000, and was executed by Halsey Brothers, of Milwaukee. The work conforms to present standard practice, and is designed to secure special thoroughness and simplicity throughout.

The head in the city mains supplies sufficient pressure for the required service, but an attic tank was provided to store a supply for possible interruption in the street mains, for fire purposes and to insure abundant supply at those times of the day when the maximum draft is made on the mains. This tank is filled through ball cock M, and delivered through valve N connected to the separate rising pipes P and Q. It was desirable to have a simple and direct connection between this pipe P and the hot-water heater F and the distribution risers I I, etc., which furnish cold water to the different floors, and the accompanying sketch shows the arrangement designed to distribute the water among all, whatever their respective drafts may be. Cold water from the city main is received through a check valve in the 3-inch pipe C and delivered to the 3-inch header B, which distributes it to the 1-inch risers 11, etc., supplying different floors. The 2 -inch pipe D furnishes cold water to the hot-water boiler F. The tank riser P connects directly with header B and the end of boiler feed D. G is a 2.inch header for the distribution of hot water, which leaves the boiler through pipe H and returns through circulation pipes K K, etc., which are taken from the highest points of the risers T T, etc., that supply the different floors. L and N are drip and waste pipes, V V, etc. are valves to empty the rising lines, U is a safety valve, W is a catch basin, and X X are steam connections to the coil heat ing the boiler. All the supplies are individually con trolled by valves R R, etc. Usually valve O is closed, and all others except V V V, etc. are open; but they are arranged so as to cut out any part of the system for repairs, extensions, etc. without affecting any other part. The rising lines all converge to ascend through a vent shaft S, in which they are accessible and, like all the rest of the plumbing-work here, exposed.

The Figure is prepared from a sketch made to illustrate the arrangement and operation, and is not drawn to exact scale or position.