When the vertical branch has been conquered and the wiper can get a good joint every time it is tried, the pipe can be changed to a different position. The run is placed in a vertical position and the branch horizontally to the left. The catch pan is put under the end of the pipe. Follow the same directions for supporting this joint as were given under the 5⁄8-in. branch placed in a similar position. The wiping of this joint is so nearly like the preceding branch joints that I will not give any instructions at all. This joint is finished at the same point that the other branch joints are finished. However, there are one or two matters that should be kept in mind. Some of the small matters are often overlooked and should be called to mind occasionally. Do not allow the solder to accumulate in the pan. If the cloths are burned, they should be turned, or new ones made. If the paper has started to come off from the pipe, new paper should be put on at once. Test the solder occasionally and see that it does not get too hot. Upon completion of the joint in this position, the branch joint in its various positions is finished. The beginner has found out while wiping these various joints a number of points that were not mentioned in my description. No amount of detailed description will make a good joint wiper. Patience and practice are as important in joint wiping as good preparation and good solder.

Points To Remember

  1. First, materials - 18 inches of 11⁄2-in. lead pipe.
  2. Second, use of tools.
  3. Third, keep bending irons away from the wall of the pipe.
  4. Fourth, make a good collar around the opening.
  5. Fifth, make a tight fit with branch and run.
  6. Sixth, hot solder will quickly burn through the lead.
  7. Seventh, use branch cloth for wiping.
  8. Eighth, cut out paper for joint even and symmetrical.