In specifying the fixtures for a building it is customary to copy the descriptions given in the catalogue of the goods to be used, adding or making such alterations as may be deemed advisable. In the present specifications, descriptions of the fixtures are omitted, and only one example given to show the form usually followed.

Water Closets

The closets throughout shall be Design A 2 (Standard) Vitrite porcelain design "A" low tank center outlet twin syphon jet bowl, with 2-inch nickel-plated brass flush connection, Plate P 951 quarter sawed oak saddle seat and panel cover, Plate P 940 porcelain enameled in and out tank with square front and flat top, with water pressure regulator and low push button, nickel-plated brass wall supply pipe with china index compression stop, flexible metal-to-metal floor connection, bolts, nuts and washers complete.

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