In the pump room, there shall be a l 1/2-inch gate valve on the water-service pipe on the street side of the filter, one on each branch to the meters, and another on each discharge branch from the meters. A 2i-inch gate valve shall be interposed between the suction tank and the pump, and a l 1/2-inch gate valve shall be placed in a tee in the suction pipe on the tank side of the 2 1/2-inch valve, to serve as an emptying cock. On the house-tank side of the pump, a 2i-inch gate valve shall be placed in the pump pipe, and in the branch of a T immediately above the valve there shall be a 1/2-inch angle valve for emptying the pump pipe.

In connection with the house tank on the roof, there shall be a 3i-inch gate valve on the house-supply pipe with a vent pipe from a T extending above the surface of the water in the tank. A 2i-inch gate valve shall be provided in the emptying pipe from the tank. A 2i-inch gate valve shall be provided in the cold-water supply to the hot-water tank and another in the hot-water branch to the hot-water manifold. A 3-inch gate valve shall be provided in the branch controlling the cold-water manifold. Each distributing main from the cold-water manifold shall have a l 1/2-inch gate valve for shutting off the water, and immediately above the gate valve from a §-inch branch T there shall be a §-inch angle valve connected to a drip pipe. The hot-water distributing mains and the circulating pipe shall be fitted with valves in the same manner, except that the gate valves on the hot-water pipe shall be l 1/4-inch and the valves on the circulation pipes |-inch diameter. All valves on the manifold headers shall be provided with brass tags stamped to indicate the line of pipe they control. A l 1/2-inch ground-key cock shall be used in connection with the heating apparatus for emptying the tank and heater.

The supply to each bathroom shall be controlled by an angle valve placed on both the hot and cold water distributing branches. The several fixtures in the bathrooms shall not be separately valved.

All valves shall be heavy pattern, brass body, of Crane, Fairbanks or Jenkins Bros. make. Gate valves shall be double-seated valves and angle valves shall have soft seats.