The 3 1/2-inch house supply pipe shall be extended from the house tank to the pump room, where, by means of a 3 1/2 by 3 by 2 1/2-inch T, a 2 1/2-inch branch shall be taken to the hot-water tank, to supply the building with hot water, and the 3-inch run shall extend in full size to the cold-water manifold. The 2 1/2-inch hot-water pipe from the hot-water tank shall extend in full size to the hot-water manifold, and a l 1/4-inch branch from the pipe directly above the hot-water tank shall be extended to the house tank on the roof to act as a relief pipe for the system.

There shall be three sets of manifolds: hot, cold and circulation, from which all supplies in the building shall be controlled. Each manifold shall control eight sets of pipes run along the ceiling, as shown on the ground floor plan and in detail on sheet 4. These manifolds shall be provided with drip pipes and valves so that any one line can be shut off and drained without affecting the other lines.

The supply pipes throughout the building shall be of the following sizes: distributing mains for cold water, l 1/2-inches in diameter; distributing mains for hot water, l 1/4-inches in diameter; circulation pipes, |-inch in diameter. Distributor branches in bathrooms shall be 3/4-inch in diameter; branches to the bath tubs, 3/4-inch in diameter; branches to lavatories, 1/2-inch in diameter; branches to closet tanks, 1/2-inch in diameter. All exposed piping within the bathrooms shall be of galvanized pipe, well cleaned and polished, free from tool marks and made up into fittings so no part of the male threads on the pipes will show. The horizontal mains on the ground floor shall be graded from the risers to the manifold headers so the pipes will have a fall toward the headers of about 1/2-inch in 10 feet