The water-supply system throughout the building shall be of galvanized wrought pipe with galvanized malleable beaded fittings. All water pipes shall be exposed and shall be neatly run in straight lines spaced about 3 inches from center to center, and the joints shall be made up at the fittings so no threads will show. All galvanized pipe shall be supported about every 10 feet by Fee and Mason split-ring hangers, which shall be galvanized to correspond with the pipe and fittings. Before the work is accepted, all exposed pipes must be cleaned and left entirely free from tool or other marks.

Service Pipe And Meters

The contractors shall have inserted in the water main, in the street where indicated on the ground floor plan, eight (8) three-quarter inch (3/4") taps. Each tap shall be connected by means of a tail-piece and 3 feet of a a a lead pipe to an eight-branch 1 1/2-inch multiple connection.

From this connection, extend a service of 1 1/2-inch galvanized-iron pipe to the inside of the building, thence to and along the ceiling of the ground floor to the pump room. Connect the service pipe in the pump room to a water-filter, and to two Crown, Nash or Hersey Water Meters; each meter shall be so controlled by gate valves that it can be cut out of service without interrupting the flow to the other meter or shutting off the supply from the suction tank. From the meters, extend the 1 1/2-inch pipe to the suction tank, and terminate it with four 1-inch ball cocks arranged to shut off the water when the suction tank is full.

Suction Tank

The suction tank shall be of steel plates 5/16 Vinch thick, double riveted at the seams and well calked to make the joints perfectly water-tight. The tank shall be 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, 6 feet deep and shall be supported on four 9 3/4-pound 5-inch standard I beams, each 8 feet long, to raise the tank from the floor. The beams and tank shall be well painted with two coats of black varnish or asphaltum, and the top of the tank shall be covered with a wire screen of fine mesh to prevent the entrance of vermin, and decked over with 2-inch planks well matched to make it dirt proof. A hinged manhole about 2 feet square shall be provided in the top. The outlet from the suction tank shall be at the bottom near the pump end of the tank, as shown on the plan. It shall consist of a 2 1/2-inch tapped flange riveted to the tank plate. A brass wire strainer shall protect the suction inlet. The inlet to the tank shall be 2 inches in diameter and shall be reinforced by a flange on the outside of the opening, but the flange need not be tapped.

Water Filter

The filter shall be a New York, of the pressure type, manufactured by the New York Continental Jewell Filtration Company, 5 feet in diameter, 6 feet high and possessing a capacity of 3,000 U. S. gallons per hour. The filter shall be provided with an automatic coagulating apparatus, and fitted with a by-pass so unfiltered water can be delivered direct to the suction tank.