Planning The Plumbing For Libraries 158

THE library is another class of buildings in which the public is wholly ignored, so far as toilet accommodations are concerned. Why this should be is hard to determine, but the fact remains that in comparatively few library buildings throughout the country have any sanitary provisions been made for the visiting public. That is not as it should be. Wherever a building of a semi-public nature is erected some provision should be made for the accommodation of the public which is invited by the opening of its doors. The public toilet accommodations for the ordinary library building need not be large or extensive, as a large number of people seldom congregate there - a couple of water closets in the women's toilet room and one or two water closets and a urinal in the men's compartment are about all that will ordinarily be required.

In addition to the public toilet rooms a drinking fountain will be found desirable in all public libraries, and private toilet accommodations should be provided for the employees of the building.