Catalogues And Prices

This catalogue supersedes all previous editions; and all former lists, plate numbers, illustrations, discounts and quotations are hereby withdrawn. All prices herein quoted are subject to change without notice.

Orders And Deliveries

All orders will be filled as soon as possible, but deliveries are contingent upon strikes, lockouts, accidents and other causes beyond our control. We will not be responsible for delay, or damage arising from delay, caused by such agencies.

Boxing And Crating

Unless otherwise quoted on special orders, all boxing, crating and cartage will be charged by us at cost. If packages and crates are returned to us in good order we will credit them, less freight and all other expenses.

Packing And Routes

Definite instruction as to mode of packing and by what route to ship, should be given with each order. When no special instructions are given, goods will be packed and shipped in the manner we deem most suitable.

Responsibility Regarding Shipments

All goods are carefully packed and examined by experienced shippers to insure nothing but merchantable goods being sent out and we take every reasonable precaution against breakage in transit.

Our responsibility ceases, therefore, upon delivery of the goods in good condition to the transportation company at the dock or railroad station. If the carriers insist upon us signing a release or other document having reference to their reliability before they receive the goods, of course we must comply; that will not, however affect the right of the party to whom they are consigned (who is deemed to be the real owner), to recover damages for any carelessness or neglect on the part of the carriers; but it should be distinctly understood that we, as senders, have no legal claim, after the goods are delivered to the carriers properly consigned, as the ownership has then passed from us to the purchaser.

Caution When Receiving Goods

Before accepting goods from a transportation company, the purchaser should see that he gets each and every article called for in the bill of lading, and if shortage is shown should not receive the goods until the freight agent notes the shortage in writing on the freight bill, and signs it. In like manner, if the goods arrive in a damaged condition, the owner must not accept them until the freight agent notes the damage and the nature of the damage on the freight bill over his signature.

All goods leave our hands in good condition and if the purchaser accepts the shipment from the transportation company short of what is enumerated in the bill of lading or shipping receipt, or in a damaged condition, without taking the aforementioned precautions, the purchaser or consignee does so at his own risk.


When requested to do so, we procure insurance against marine risk on ocean shipments, or part rail and part water. We likewise can place insurance against breakage if the purchaser will make request therefor, with each order. By insuring against breakage the purchaser will be reimbursed for the loss in due course as the documents of facts supporting claim are sent to us and presented to the insurance company.

The purchaser is obliged, however, to use the same precaution as mentioned under the heading "caution when receiving goods"; get the freight agent to note any damage or breakage, if such is apparent, on the freight bill, also, when the purchaser unpacks the goods, which should be done at once, if he finds any breakage, he must immediately notify one of the insurance company's agents, who will then inspect the goods and ascertain the damage. The rate charged is according to the kind of goods, the distance, whether by water or part water and rail, and range from one to one and one-half per cent for domestic and three or five per cent for foreign shipments.

Claims For Shortage

All goods are packed by experienced and careful packers, being double checked, and every precaution is taken to prevent errors. Furthermore, a packer's list of contents of each package is enclosed with the goods or mailed to the purchaser direct from the shipping department.

No general claims for shortage or errors will be considered unless they are made within ten days from the receipt of goods. If any shortage or errors are found, such must be reported to us at once, stating what items are missing and from what package. It has often occurred that we were charged with failing to have sent certain articles, when it was afterwards shown that such items had actually been shipped and that they had been overlooked when unpacking and were afterward found.

Claims For Defective Materials

- Brass and other metal goods are carefully inspected, but it is not always possible to detect imperfections in castings. Our guarantee is limited to the replacing with sound goods any that prove defective.

We are not responsible for damages beyond the price as charged and for no consequential expense or damage.

Returned Goods

Goods cannot be returned to us without written consent. Any goods returned to us without our consent will not be credited the sender.

Countermanding Orders

Once an order has been received, we will not acknowledge a countermand, unless we have been consulted in the matter and our permission obtained to said cancellation. Under no consideration can we accept a cancellation when goods are special or in course of preparation.