This book, now in its second edition, is a comprehensive and entirely practical treatise on the subject of pattern making, illustrating pattern work in both wood and metal, and with definite instructions on the use of plaster of paris in the trade. It gives specific and detailed descriptions of the materials used by pattern makers and describes the tools, both those for the bench and the more interesting machine tools; having complete chapters on the Lathe, the Circular Saw, and the Band Saw. It gives many examples of pattern work, each one fully illustrated and explained with much detail. These examples, in their great variety, offer much that will be found of interest to all pattern makers, and especially to the younger ones, who are seeking information on the more advanced branches of their trade.

In this second edition of the work will be found much that is new, even to those who have long practised this exacting trade. In the description of patterns as adapted to the Moulding Machine many difficulties which have long prevented the rapid and economical production of castings are overcome; and this great, new branch of the trade is given much space. Stripping plate and stool plate work and the less expensive vibrator, or rapping plate work, are all explained in detail.

Plain, everyday rules for lessening the cost of patterns, with a complete system of cost keeping, a detailed method of marking, applicable to all branches of the trade, with complete information showing what the pattern is, its specific title, its cost, date of production, material of which it is made, the number of pieces and core-boxes, and its location in the pattern safe, all condensed into a most complete card record, with cross index.

The book closes with an original and practical method for the inventory and valuation of patterns. Containing nearly 350 pages and 170 illustrations. Price . $2.00