By G. W. Askinson, Perfumer.

A comprehensive treatise, in which there has been nothing omitted that could be of value to the perfumer or manufacturer of toilet preparations. Complete directions for making handkerchief perfumes, smelling-salts, sachets, fumigating pastilles; preparations for the care of the skin, the mouth, the hair, cosmetics, hair dyes and other toilet articles are given, also a detailed description of aromatic substances; their nature, tests of purity, and wholesale manufacture, including a chapter on synthetic products, with formulas for their use. A book of general, as well as professional interest, meeting the wants not only of the druggist and perfume manufacturer, but also of the general public. Among the contents are: 1. The History of Perfumery. 2. About Aromatic Substances in General. 3. Odors from the Vegetable Kingdom. 4. The Aromatic Vegetable Substances Employed in Perfumery. 5. The Animal Substances Used in Perfumery. 6. The Chemical Products Used in Perfumery. 7. The Extraction of Odors. 8. The Special Characteristics of Aromatic Substances. 9. The Adulteration of Essential Oils and Their Recognition. 10. Synthetic Products. 11. Table of Physical Properties of Aromatic Chemicals. 12. The Essences or Extracts Employed in Perfumery. 13. Directions for Making the Most Important Essences and Extracts. 14. The Division of Perfumery. 15. The Manufacture of Handkerchief Perfumes. 16. Formulas for Handkerchief Perfumes. 17. Ammoniacal and Acid Perfumes. 18. Dry Perfumes. 19. Formulas for Dry Perfumes. 20. The Perfumes Used for Fumigation. 21. Antiseptic and Therapeutic Value of Perfumes. 22. Classification of Odors. 23. Some Special Perfumery Products. 24. Hygiene and Cosmetic Perfumery. 25. Preparations for the Care of the Skin. 26. Manufacture of Casein. 27. Formulas for Emulsions. 28. Formulas for Cream. 29. Formulas for Meals, Pastes and Vegetable Milk. 30. Preparations Used for the Hair. 31. Formulas for Hair Tonics and Restorers. 32. Pomades and Hair Oils. 33. Formulas for the Manufacture of Pomades and Hair Oils. 34. Hair Dyes and Depilatories. 35. Wax Pomades, Bandolines and Brilliantines. 36. Skin Cosmetics and Face Lotions. 37. Preparations for the Nails. 38. Water Softeners and Bath Salts. 39. Preparations for the Care of the Mouth. 40. The Colors Used in Perfumery. 41. The Utensils Used in the Toilet. Fourth edition much enlarged and brought up-to-date. Nearly 400 pages, illustrated. Price..................$5.00


" The most satisfactory work on the subject of Perfumery that we have ever seen. " We feel safe in saying that here is a book on Perfumery that will not disappoint you, for it has practical and excellent formulae that are within your ability to prepare readily.

" We recommend the volume as worthy of confidence, and say that no purchaser will be disappointed in securing from its pages good value for its cost, and a large dividend on the same, even if he should use but one per cent of its working formulae. There is money in it for every user of its information." - Pharmaceutical Record.