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Recipes Formulas And Processes 152

Contains over 10,000 Selected Scientific, Chemical, Technological and

Practical Recipes and Processes, including hundreds of so-called

Trade Secrets for every business

To present here even a limited number of the subjects which find a place in this valuable work would be difficult. Suffice to say that in its pages will be found matter of intense interest and immeasurable practical value to the scientific amateur and to him who wishes to obtain a knowledge of the many processes used in the arts, trades and manufactures, a knowledge which will render his pursuits more instructive and remunerative. Serving as a reference book to the 6mall and large manufacturer and supplying intelligent seekers with the information necessary to conduct a process, the work will be found of inestimable worth to the Metallurgist, the Photographer, the Perfumer, the Painter, the Manufacturer of Glues, Pastes, Cements, and Mucilages, the Compounder of Alloys, the Cook, the Physician, the Druggist, the Electrician, the Brewer, the Engineer, the Foundryman, the Machinist, the Potter, the Tanner, the Confectioner, the Chiropodist, the Manicure, the Manufacturer of Chemical Novelties and Toilet Preparations, the Dyer, the Electroplater, the Enameler, the Engraver, the Provisioner, the Glass Worker, the Goldbeater, the Watchmaker and Jeweler, the Hat Maker, the Ink Manufacturer, the Optician, the Farmer, the Dairyman, the Paper Maker, the Wood and Metal Worker, the Chandler and Soap Maker, the Veterinary Surgeon, and the Technologist in general.

Among the Recipes given are:

Bleaching Recipes

Etching and Engraving Recipes

Recipes for Glass Making

Paper Making Recipes

Recipes for Ointments

Mirror-Making Formulas

Paint Making Formulas

Gilding Recipes

Galvanizing Recipes

Bronzing Recipes

Tinning Recipes

Silvering Recipes

Recipes for Adhesives

Recipes for Plating and Enameling

Cleaning Processes

Soap Making

Leather and its Preparation

Recipes for Alloys

Recipes for Solders

Photographic Formulas

Shoe Dressing Recipes

Stove Blacking Recipes

Rust Preventive Recipes

Recipes for Lubricants

Recipes for Oils

Recipes for Dyes, Colors, and Pigments

Recipes for Dryers

Ink Recipes

Recipes for Artificial Gem Making

Jewelers' and Watchmakers' Recipes

Household Formulas

Waterproofing Recipes

Fireproofing Recipes

Recipes for Cements, Glues, Mocflagan

Fireworks Recipes

Recipes for Eradicators

Alcohol and its Uses

Recipes for Essences and Extracts

Dentifrice Recipes

Cosmetic Recipes

Perfume Recipes

Tanning Recipes

Metallurgical Formulas

Hair Restorers


And many thousands more - Equally Important in the Arts and Manufactures

The Norman W. Henley Publishing Company,

Recipes Formulas And Processes 153