Author of "Practical Steam, Hot Water Heating and Ventilation" and "Practical

Heating Illustrated." Etc., Etc

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An Indispensable Work On Steam Hot Water Vapor And 151

An Up-To-Date And Thoroughly Practical Book On Heatin6 Without An Equal

This practical treatise consists of twenty-four chapters, covering with 500 questions and their answers - Steam, Hot Water, Vapor and Vacuum Heating. The subject matter is absolutely correct and explained in simple language. If you can't answer all of the following questions you need this book. The answers to these and 500 more are to be found within the pages.

Why should a chimney be built round or square? How are cast iron boilers rated? What are the cooling surfaces of a building? What is meant by exhaust heating? For what purposes is an equalizing pipe employed ? What is accelerated hot water heating ? Describe the principle of vacuum heating ? What is the thermostatic principle ? What is a non-mechanical system of vacuum heating? What type of radiators is employed for vapor heating? Describe atmospheric pressure. How is the capacity of a round or rectangular tank determined ? What method is employed to determine the safe working pressure of a tubular boiler? Etc., Etc.

This book tells "HOW" and also tells "WHY". No work of its kind has ever been published. It answers all the questions regarding each method or system that would be asked by the seam fitter or heating contractor, and may be used as a text or reference book, and for examination questions by TRADE SCHOOLS OR STEAM FITTERS' ASSOCIATIONS.

Rules, data, tables and descriptive methods are given together with much other detailed information of daily practical use to those engaged in or interested in the various methods of heating.

Valuable to those preparing for examinations. Answers every question asked relating to modern Steam, Hot-Water, Vapor and Vacuum Heating.

Among The Contents Are

The Theory and Laws of Heat.

Methods of Heating.

Chimneys and Flues,

Boilers for Heating.

Boiler Trimmings and Settings.


Steam Heating.

Boiler. Radiator and Pipe Connections for Steam

Heating. Hot Water Heating.

The Two-Pipe Gravity System of Hot Water Heating. The Circuit System of Hot Water Heating. The Overhead System of Hot Water Heating.

Boiler, Radiator and Pipe Connections for Gravity

Systems of Hot Water Heating. Accelerated Hot Water Heating. Expansion Tank Connections. Domestic Hot Water Heating. Valves and Air Valves. Vacuum, Vapor and Vacuo-Vapor Heating. Mechanical Systems of Vacuum Heating. Non-Mechanical Vacuum Systems. Vapor Systems.

Atmospheric and Modulating Systems. Heating Greenhouses. Information, Rules and Tables.

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