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Mechanical Drawing For Plumbers 150

132 Pages Illustrated with 150 Specially-made Engravings

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A Concise, Comprehensive and Practical Treatise on the Subject of Mechanical Drawing, in Its Various Modern Applications to the Work of All who are in Any Way Connected with the Plumbing Trade

NTOTHING will so help the plumber in estimating and in explaining work to customers and workmen as a knowledge of drawing, and to the workman it is of inestimable value if he is to rise above his position to positions of greater responsibility.

This book gives ample instruction, presenting a complete course in drafting plumbing installation and fixtures, including many good ideas in neat and simple sketching.


I. Value to Plumber of Knowledge of Drawing - Tools Required and Their Use - Common Views Needed in Mechanical Drawing. 2. Perspective versus Mechanical Drawing in Showing Plumbing Construction. 3. Correct and Incorrect Methods in Plumbing Drawing - Plan and Elevation Explained. 4. Floor and Cellar Plans and Elevation - Scale Drawings-Use of Triangles. 5. Use of Triangles - Drawing of Fittings, Traps, Etc. 6. Drawing Plumbing Elevations and Fittings. 7. Instructions in Drawing Plumbing Elevations. 8. The Drawing of Plumbing Fixtures - Scale Drawings. 9. Drawing of Fixtures and Fittings. 10. Inking of Drawings. 11. Shading of Drawings. 12. Shading of Drawings. 13. Sectional Drawings - Drawing of Threads. 14. Plumbing Elevations from Architect's Plan. 15. Elevations of Separate Parts of the Plumbing System. 16. Elevations from Architect's Plans. 17. Drawing of Detail Plumbing Connections. 18. Architect's Plans and Plumbing Elevations of Residence. 19. Plumbing Elevations of Residence (continued) - Plumbing Plans for Cottage. 20. Plumbing Elevations - Roof Connections. 21. Plans and Plumbing Elevations for Six-flat Building. 22. Drawing of Various Parts of the Plumbing System - Use of Scales. 23. Use of Architect's Scales. 24. Special Features in the Illustrations of Country Plumbing. 25. Drawing of Wrought Iron Piping, Valves, Radiators, Coils, Etc. 26. Drawing of Piping to Illustrate Heating Systems.

This work is concise, comprehensive and practical, dealing simply and clearly with the subject of drawing such as the plumber needs in his work.

What Is Said Of This Book

"This book will be found of value for the information on design, indirectly conveyed by the illustrations, as well as for the instruction in drafting." - Engineering News.

"This book supplies a want, long felt by the practical plumber." - Scientific American.

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