Modern Plumbing Illustrated 148


Author of "Questions and Answers on the Practice and Theory of Sanitary Plumbing "

400 Large Quarto Pages. Fully Illustrated by Fifty-five full pages of detailed engravings, which have been made specially for this book

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The Only Thorough and Practical Work Issued on the Modern and Most Approved Methods of Plumbing Construction. Illustrating and Describing the Drainage and Ventilation of Dwellings, Apartments and Public Buildings, etc. The Standard Work for Plumbers, Architects, Builders. Property Owners, and for Boards of Health and Plumbing Examiners.

THE author of this book, Mr. R. M. Starbuck, is one of the leading authorities on plumbing in the United States. The book represents the highest standard of plumbing work. It has been adopted and used as a reference book by the United States Government, in its sanitary work in Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines, and by the principal Boards of Health of the United States and Canada.

It gives Connections, Sizes and Working Data for All Fixtures and Groups of Fixtures. It is helpful to the Master Plumber in Demonstrating to His Customers and in Figuring of Work. It gives the Mechanic and Student quick and easy Access to the Best Modern Plumbing Practice. Suggestions for Estimating Plumbing Construction are contained in its pages. This book represents, in a word, the latest and best up-to-date practice, and should be in the hands of every architect, sanitary engineer and plumber who wishes to keep himself up to the minute on this important feature of construction.

Contains Following Chapters, Each Illustrated With A Full-Page Plate

1 Kitchen Sink, Laundry Tubs, Vegetable Wash Sink

2 Lavatories - Pantry Sinks, Contents of Marble Slabs 8 Bath Tub - Foot and Sitz Bath, Shower Bath

4 Water Closets - Venting of Water Closets

A Low-Down Water Closets - Water Closets Operated by Flush Valves - Water Closet Range

6 Slop Sink - Urinals-The Bidet

7 Hotel or Restaurant Sink - Grease Trap

8 Refrigerators - Safo Wastes - Laundry Waste

9 Lines of Refrigerators, Bar Sinks - Soda Fountain


10 Horse Stall, Frost-Proof Water Closets

11 Connections for S Traps, Venting 13 Connections for Drum Traps

13 Soil Pipe Connections

14 Supporting of Soil Pipe

15 Main Trap and Fresh Air Inlet

16 Floor Drains and Cellar Drains - Subsoil Drainage

17 Water Closets and Floor Connections

18 Local Venting

19 Connections for Bath Rooms

20 Connections for Bath Rooms, Continued

21 Connections for Bath Rooms, Continued 33 Connections for Bath Rooms, Continued

23 Examples of Poor Practice

24 Roughing-Work Ready for Test

25 Testing of Plumbing System 28 Method of Continuous Venting

27 Continuous Venting for Two-Floor Work

28 Continuous Venting for Two Lines of Fixtures on

Three or More Floors

29 Continuous Venting of Water Closets

30 Plumbing for Cottage House

31 Construction for Cellar Piping

32 Plumbing for Residence - Use of Special Fittings

33 Plumbing for Two-Flat House

34 Plumbing for Apartment Building

35 Plumbing for Double Apartment Building

36 Plumbing for Office Building

37 Plumbing for Public Toilet Rooms

38 Plumbing for Public Toilet Rooms, Continued

39 Plumbing for Bath Establishment

40 Plumbing for Engine House - Factory Plumbing

41 Automatic Flushing for Schools, Factories, etc.

42 Use of Flushing Valves

43 Urinals for Public Toilet Rooms

44 The Durham System - The Destruction of Pipes by


45 Construction of Work Without Use of Lead

46 Automatic Sewage Lift - Automatic Sump Tank

47 Country Plumbing

48 Construction of Cesspools

49 Septic Tank and Automatic Sewage Siphon

50 Country Plumbing

51 Water Supply for Country House

52 Thawing of Water Mains and Service by Electricity

53 Double Boilers

54 Hot Water Supply of Large Bulldings

55 Automat'c Control of Hot Water Tank

What Is Said Of This Book

"This volume is the most complete general statement of American plumbing methods as executed by the best workmen at the present time." - Engineering Record.

"A plumbers Hand Book including the most practical up-to-date handling of the questions of drainage, sewerage, and water supply." - Engineering News.

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