The bidet is a fixture of comparatively recent origin, and, although not commonly in use, its use is increasing.

It is a bath-room or toilet-room fixture, and to be found principally in the bath room or ladies' toilet rooms of pretentious residences. The bidet is similar in shape to the water closet.

The waste for the bidet should be 1 1/2 in., and the vent of the same size.

Owing to the purpose for which it is designed, however, the supply to the bidet is of a much different character than that of the water closet. Both hot and cold water should be supplied to the bidet, entering the fixture through its side and rising inside the bowl in the form of a jet and douche.

The supply also passes through the flushing rim in order to thoroughly cleanse the fixture. In connection with the bidet, a mixer, similar in character to the valve on shower baths, is generally used. This allows either hot or cold water, or water of any degree of warmth to be used. Such valves should be of some non-scalding pattern.