Octavo. 367 Pages. Containing over 300 detailed illustrations. The larger part of them, having been made from original diagrams, specially drawn for the book

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Practical Steam And Hot Water Heating and Ventilat 149

The Most Elaborate and Complete Work That Has Ever Been Published for the Use of Heating Contractors, Journeymen Steam

Fitters, Steam Fitters' Apprentices, Architects and Builders

THIS book is the standard and latest work published on the subject and has been prepared for the use of all engaged in the business of steam, hot-water heating and ventilation. It is an original and exhaustive work. Tells how to get heating contracts, how to install heating and ventilating apparatus, the best business methods to be used. with "Tricks of the Trade " for shop use. Rules and data for estimating radiation and cost and such tables and information as makes it an indispensable work for everyone interested in steam, hot water heating and ventilation. It describes all the principal systems of steam, hot-water, vacuum, vapor and vacuum-vapor heating, together with the new accelerated systems of hot-water circulation, including chapters on up-to-date methods of ventilation and the fan or blower system of heating and ventilation.

You should secure a copy of this book, as each chapter contains a mine of practical information.

Containing Chapters On

I Introduction. II. Heat. III. Evolution of Artificial Heating Apparatus. TV. Boiler Surface and Settings.

V. The Chimney Flue. VI. Pipe and Fittings. VII. Valves, Various Kinds. VIII. Forms of Radiating

Surfaces. IX. Locating of Radiating Surfaces. X. Estimating Radiation. XI. Steam-Heating

Apparatus. XII. Exhaust-Steam Heating. XIII. Hot-Water Heating. XIV. Pressure Systems of

Hot-Water Work. XV. Hot-Water Appliances. XVI. Greenhouse Heating. XVII. Vacuum

Vapor and Vacuum Exhaust Heating. XVIII. Miscellaneous Heating. XIX. Radiator and

Pipe Connections. XX. Ventilation. XXI. Mechanical Ventilation and Hot-Blast

Heating. XXII. Steam Appliances. XXIII. District Heating. XXIV. Pipe and

Boiler Covering. XXV. Temperature Regulation and Heat Control. XXVI.

Business Methods. XXVII. Miscellaneous. XXVIII. Rules, Tables and

Useful Information,

Valuable Data and Tables Used for Estimating, Installing and Testing of Steam and Hot-Water and Ventilating Apparatus Are Given.

The Norman W. Henley Publishing Co.,