Many of the readers of "Modern Plumbing Illustrated " have long been acquainted with the same title applied to another work by the same author, which is now no longer published. A few remarks relating to the several steps through which this work has passed may be of interest.

In January, 1899, Mr. Starbuck published a novel work relating to plumbing construction, known as "The Starbuck Plumbing Charts."

This work consisted of fifty blue-print plates showing a variety of work relating to plumbing systems of various kinds, including both detail work and complete systems. The work filled a requirement which had never before been met, and was cordially received by the plumbing fraternity at large. After a short time, however, it was seen that the "Plumbing Charts" were deficient in many respects, and as a result this work was replaced in 1900 by a far more extensive publication, known as "Modern Plumbing Illustrated." This work was still in the form of blue-print plates, without text, but double the size of the original plates, and meeting practical requirements to a far greater extent than the original work. The work in the form of blue prints has had an immense sale during the past six years among all interested classes, including architects, master and journeyman plumbers, boards of health and plumbing examiners, contractors, etc. Meanwhile, however, vast improvements have been made in all branches of plumbing construction, with the result that much of the work shown in the 1900 publication has now been so far improved upon that it has seemed best to the author to again revise the work.

In the work of revision it has been found inadvisable to make use of any of the plates of the 1900 publication, and accordingly each illustration of the present publication has been drawn especially for this work. Whereas the fifty full-page cuts of the 1900 work represented some seventy separate illustrations, the present form shows more than twice this number.

The greatest improvement in "Modern Plumbing Illustrated," however, is to be found in the addition of a large amount of text, and in carrying out this part of his work the author has endeavored at every point to convey the information imparted in as concise a manner as possible, while at the same time making it entirely clear and comprehensive.

As each successive revision of the work has been undertaken, it has been the aim of the author to purge it of all unnecessary and obsolete matter, and to keep it as far as possible entirely up to date.