By Victor W. Page, M.E.

The latest and most complete treatise on the Gasoline Automobile ever issued. Written in simple language by a recognized authority, familiar with every branch of the automobile industry. Free from technical terms. Everything is explained so simply that anyone of average intelligence may gain a comprehensive knowledge of the gasoline automobile. The information is up-to-date and includes, in addition to an exposition of principles of construction and description of all types of automobiles and their components, valuable money-saving hints on the care and operation of motorcars propelled by internal combustion engines. Among some of the subjects treated might be mentioned: Torpedo and other symmetrical body forms designed to reduce air resistance; sleeve valve, rotary valve and other types of silent motors; increasing tendency to favor worm-gear power-transmission; universal application of magneto ignition; development of automobile electric-lighting systems; block motors; under-slung chassis; application of practical self-starters; long stroke and offset cylinder motors; latest automatic lubrication systems; silent chains for valve operation and, change-speed gearing; the use of front wheel brakes and many other detail refinements. By a careful study of the pages of this book one can gain practical knowledge of automobile construction that will save time, money and worry. The book tells you just what to do, how and when to do it. Nothing has been omitted, no detail has been slighted. Every part of the automobile, its equipment, accessories, tools, supplies, spare parts necessary, etc., have been discussed comprehensively. If you are or intend to become a motorist, or are in any way interested in the modern Gasoline Automobile, this is a book you cannot afford to be without. Over 800 6x9 pages - and more than 500 new and specially made detail illustrations, as well as many full-page and double-page plates, snowing all parts of the automobile. Including 11 large folding plates. Price.................$2.50


"It is the best book on the Automobile seen up to date." - J. H. Pile, Associate Editor

Automobile Trade Journal.

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"This book is superior to any treatise heretofore published on the subject." - The

Inventive Age.

" We know of no other volume that is so complete in all its departments, and in which the wide field of automobile construction with its mechanical intricacies is so plainly handled, both in the text and in the matter of illustrations." - The Motorist. '

"The book is very thorough, a careful examination failing to disclose any point in connection with the automobile, its care and repair, to have been overlooked."-

Iron Age.

"Mr. Page has done a great work, and benefit to the Automobile Field." - W. C.

Hasford, Mgr. Y. M. C. A. Automobile School, Boston, Mass.

"It is just the kind of a book a motorist needs if he wants to understand his car."-

American Thresherman.