By Victor W. Page, M.E.

This is a complete instruction book. All parts of the Ford Model T Car are described and illustrated; the construction is fully described and operating principles made clear to everyone. Every Ford owner needs this practical book. You don't have to guess about the construction or where the trouble is, as it shows how to take all parts apart and how to locate and fix all faults. The writer, Mr. Page, has operated a Ford car for four years and writes from actual knowledge. Among the contents are: 1. The Ford Car. Its Parts and Their Functions. 2. The Engine and Auxiliary Groups. How the Engine Works - The Fuel Supply System - The Carburetor - Making the Ignition Spark - Cooling and Lubrication. 3. Details of Chassis. Change Speed Gear - Power Transmission - Differential Gear Action - Steering Gear - Front Axle - Frame and Springs - Brakes. 4. How to Drive and Care for the Ford. The Control System Explained - Starting the Motor - Driving the Car - Locating Roadside Troubles - Tire Repairs - Oiling the Chassis - Winter Care of Car. 5. Systematic Location of Troubles and Remedies. Faults in Engine - Faults in Carburetor - Ignition Troubles - Cooling and Lubrication System Defects - Adjustment of Transmission Gear - General Chassis Repairs. 95 illustrations. 300 pages. Two large folding plates. Price................$1.00



A practical self-instructor for students, mechanics and motorists, consisting of thirty-six lessons in the form of questions and answers, written with special reference to the requirements of the non-technical reader desiring easily understood, explanatory matter relating to all branches of automobiling. The subject-matter is absolutely correct and explained in simple language. If you can't answer all of the following questions, you need this work. The answers to these and nearly 2000 more are to be found in its pages. Give the name of all important parts of an automobile and describe their functions? Describe action of latest types of kerosene carburetors? What is the difference between a "Double" ignition system and a "dual" ignition system? Name parts of an induction coil? How are valves timed? What is an electric motor starter and how does it work? What are advantages of worm drive gearing? Name all important types of ball and roller bearings? What is a "Three-quarter" floating axle? What is a two-speed axle? What is the Vulcan electric gear shift? Name the causes of lost power in automobiles? Describe all noises due to deranged mechanism and give causes? How can you adjust a carburetor by the color of the exhaust gases? What causes "popping" in the carburetor? What tools and supplies are needed to equip a car? How do you drive various makes of cars? What is a differential lock and where is it used? Name different systems of wire wheel construction, etc., etc.? A popular work at a popular price. 5 1/4 X 7 1/2. Cloth. 622 pages, 392 illustrations, 3 folding plates. Price.......$1.50


"If you own a car - get this book." - The Glassworker.

"Mr. Page has the faculty of making difficult subjects plain and understandable."- Bristol Press.

"We can name no writer better qualified to prepare a book of instruction on automobiles than Mr. Victor W. Page." - Scientific American. "The best automobile catechism that has appeared." - Automobile Topics. "There are few men, even with long experience, who will not find this book useful. Great pains have been taken to make it accurate. Special recommendation must be given to the illustrations, which have been made specially for the work. Such excellent books as this greatly assist in fully understanding your automobile." - Engineering News.

" Here is a book that should be in the cycle repairer's kit." - American Blacksmith. " The best way for any rider to thoroughly understand his machine, is to get a copy of this book; it is worth many times its price." - Pacific Motorcyclist.


The only complete work published for the motorcyclist and cyclecarist. Describes fully all leading types of machines, their design, construction, maintenance, operation and repair. This treatise outlines fully the operation of two- and four-cycle power plants and all ignition, carburetion and lubrication systems in detail. Describes all representative types of free engine clutches, variable speed gears and power transmission systems. Gives complete instructions for operating and repairing all types. Considers fully electric self-starting and lighting systems, all types of spring frames and springs forks and shows leading control methods. For those desiring technical information a complete series of tables and many formula to assist in designing are included. The work tells how to figure power needed to climb grades, overcome air resistance and attain high speeds. It shows how to select gear ratios for various weights and powers, how to figure braking efficiency required, gives sizes of belts and chains to transmit power safely, and shows how to design sprockets, belt pulleys, etc. This work also includes complete formulae for figuring horse-power, shows how dynamometer tests are made, defines relative efficiency of air- and water-cooled engines, plain and anti-friction bearings and many other data of a practical, helpful, engineering nature. Remember that you get this information in addition to the practical description and instructions which alone are worth several times the price of the book. 550 pages. 350 specially made illustrations, 5 folding plates. Cloth. Price . $1.50