In Plate 40 is shown the elevation of a system of plumbing for an engine house. The same style of work may also be used in private stables.

In addition to the connections shown, there are usually toilet accommodations for the hostler, in the case of the stable, and bath rooms and toilet fixtures for the engine house. Floor drains should be placed in the apparatus room, wash rooms, hose tower, etc. The construction and connection of stall sinks is shown in detail by Plate 10. Two adjacent stall sinks may be served by the same trap.

The plumbing system for a stable should be provided with the same sanitary features as for the house system. A separate main drain should be provided for it to the street sewer, which should not be connected with the house drain of any building.

Plate XL. Plumbing For Engine House And Stables - Factory Plumbing

Plumbing for Engine House.

Plate 40.

Facfory Plumbing

Even under the most favorable conditions, more or less solid matter from the stalls will find its way into the drain, and the following provision is of advantage. All wastes from stables, including waste from wash rooms, manure pits, etc., may, before entering the street sewer, be discharged into a catch basin located underground outside of the stable. The catch basin may be constructed of brick or of cast iron, and should be water-tight, with a tight cover, and properly vented. The outlet from the catch basin may be connected to the stable sewer or street sewer.