If you would thoroughly understand the Walschaert Valve Gear you should possess a copy of this book, as the author takes the plainest form of a steam engine - a stationary engine in the rough, that will only turn its crank in one direction - and from it builds up - with the reader's help - a modern locomotive equipped with the Walschaert Valve Gear, complete. The points discussed are clearly illustrated: two large folding plates that show the positions of the valves of both inside or outside admission type, as well as the links and other parts of the gear when the crank is at nine different points in its revolution, are especially valuable in making the movement clear. These employ sliding cardboard models which are contained in a pocket in the cover.

The book is divided into five general divisions, as follows: 1. Analysis of the gear. 2. Designing and erecting the gear. 3. Advantages of the gear. 4. Questions and answers relating to the Walschaert Valve Gear. 5. Setting valves with the Walschaert Valve Gear; the three primary types of locomotive valve motion; modern radial valve gears other than the Walschaert: the Hobart All-free Valve and Valve Gear, with questions and answers on breakdowns: the Baker-Pilliod Valve Gear; the Improved Baker-Pilliod Valve Gear, with questions and answers on breakdowns.

The questions with full answers given will be especially valuable to firemen and engineers in preparing for an examination for promotion. 245 pages. Third Revised Edition. Price.....................$1.50


Wm. W. Wood, Air-Brake Instructor.

Here is a book for the railroad man, and the man who aims to be one. It is without doubt the only complete work published on the Westinghouse E-T Locomotive Brake Equipment. Written by an Air-Brake Instructor who knows just what is needed. It covers the subject thoroughly. Everything about the New Westinghouse Engine and Tender Brake Equipment, including the standard No. 5 and the Perfected No. 6 style of brake, is treated in detail. Written in plain English and profusely illustrated with Colored Plates, which enable one to trace the flow of pressures throughout the entire equipment. The best book ever published on the Air Brake. Equally good for the beginner and the advanced engineer. Will pass any one through any examination. It informs and enlightens you on every point. Indispensable to every engineman and trainman.

Contains examination questions and answers on the E-T equipment. Covering what the E-T Brake is. How it should be operated. What to do when defective. Not a question can be asked of the engineman up for promotion, on either the No. 5 or the No. 6 E-T equipment, that is not asked and answered in the book. If you want to thoroughly understand the E-T equipment get a copy of this book. It covers every detail. Makes Air-Brake troubles and examinations easy. Price . . . . $1.50