E. Speakman, London.

Fig. 463. E. Speakman, London. - Domed brass basket. , 690.

John Martin, London.

Fig. 464. John Martin, London. - Case inlaid with marqueterie. 1690-1700. - D. A. F. Wetherfield, Esq.

Types Of Long Case Clock Dials Part 9 200588

Fig. 465.

Types Of Long Case Clock Dials Part 9 200589

Fig. 466.

Ahasuerus Fromanteel, Londini, Fecit.

Fig. 467. Ahasuerus Fromanteel, Londini, Fecit. - Ebony-cased, 30-hour, Quarter-striking and Musical Clock.

Very rare and unusual specimen. At 5, 9 and 12 o'clock one of two tunes is played on eleven bells from a spiked drum.

Fig. 465. Side view of clock, showing nest of bells.

Fig. 466.

Back view, showing unusual winding cranks. (The winding-squares are beneath the dial.)

Fig. 467.

Front view of the clock.

Height, 14 ins. : width, 12 ins.; depth, 9 1/2 ins.

Dial 8 1/4 ins. by 7 3/4 ins.

Date about 1665-70.

Hansard Watt, Esq.

Regulator Clocks

With the late-eighteenth-century regulator clocks we get a return to the earlier square dial of the late seventeenth century, and the fashion obtained, as in Fig. 447,. for clocks which were hardly of the regulator type, although they doubtless fulfilled the same function, of timing other clocks and watches in regulating shops. Clocks of this kind are almost invariably of fine quality, usually with "dead-beat" escapements.

Joseph Windmills, London.

Fig. 468. Joseph Windmills, London. - 8-day Striking Bracket Clock, in walnut case of unusual form. - Finely chased brass mounts. - 17 ins. high, without handle, 9 1/2 ins. wide by 6 ins. deep across case. - Date about 1715-20. - Cant. N. R. Colville, MX.