The adaptability of electricity to household use for lighting; heating and the generation of power has brought into use a host of mechanical devices that have found a permanent place in every community where electricity may be obtained at a reasonable rate, or where it can be generated to advantage in small plants.

Because of its cleanliness and convenience, electricity is used in preference to other forms of lighting, even though its cost is relatively high. Electric power for household purposes is constantly finding new applications and will continue to increase in favor because its use as compared with hand power is remarkably inexpensive. Small motors adapted to most of the ordinary household uses are made in convenient sizes and sold at prices that are conducive to their greater use. Human energy is far too precious to be expended in household drudgery where mechanical power can be used in its place and often to greater advantage.

Electric heating devices compete favorably with many of the established forms of household heating appliances, the electric flat-iron being a notable example. In all applications where small amounts of heat are required for short periods of time, electricity is used at a cost that permits its use, in competition with other forms of heating.

hydro-electric generation is possible its field of application is almost without end.