True Terre-Verte is an ochre of a bluish green colour not very bright, in substance moderately hard, and smooth in texture. It is variously a bluish or grey coaly clay, combined with yellow oxide of iron or yellow ochre. Although not a bright, it is a very durable pigment, being unaffected by strong light and impure air, and combining with other colours without injury. It has not much body, is semitransparent, and dries well in oil. There are varieties of this pigment; but the green earths which have copper for their colouring matter are, although generally of brighter colours, inferior in their other qualities, and are not true terre-vertes.

It has been called Green Bice, and the greens called Verona green, and Verdetto, or holy green, are similar native pigments of a warmer colour. These greens are found in the Mendip Hills, France, Italy, and the Island of Cyprus, and have been employed as pigments from the earliest times.