Chrome Orange is a beautiful orange pigment, and is one of the most durable and least exceptionable chromates of lead, and not of iron, as it is commonly called, or Mars Scar/el, another misnomer of this pigment, which is truly a subchromate of lead.

It is, when well prepared, of a brighter colour than red, or orange vermilion, but is inferior in durability and body to the latter pigment, being liable to the changes and affinities of the chrome yellows in a somewhat less degree, but less liable to change than the orange oxide of lead. (See V. following.)

2. Laque Mineral

Laque Mineral is a French pigment, a species of chromic orange, similar to the above. This name is also given to orange oxide of iron.

3. Chromate Of Mercury

Chromate Of Mercury is improperly classed as a red with vermilion, for though it is of a bright ochrous red colour in powder, it is, when ground, of a bright orange ochre colour, and affords with white very pure orange-coloured tints. Nevertheless it is a bad pigment, since light soon changes it to a deep russet colour, and foul air reduces it to extreme blackness.