Lemon Yellow is of a beautiful light vivid colour. In body and opacity it is nearly equal to Naples yellow and masticot, but much more pure and lucid in colour and tint, and at the same time not liable to change by damp, sulphureous or impure air, or by the action of light, or by the steel palette-knife, or by mixture with white lead or other pigments, either in water or oil, in each of which vehicles it works pleasantly, and is a valuable addition to the palette. Lemon yellow is principally adapted to high lights in painting, and has a peculiarly happy effect when glazed over greens in both modes of painting. In water it exceeds gamboge in brightness, and in mixture therewith improves its beauty. This mixture also goes readily into oil: indeed it is the best and easiest way of rendering gamboge diffusible as an oil-colour, - simple solution of the gamboge in a little water, and trituration of the lemon-yellow therewith, being all that is requisite for this purpose. The light yellow of the definitive scale preceding [p. 39], is of this pigment, which, being unaffected by lime, is eligible also in fresco and crayons. Several pigments not answering to the character of the present are, however, vended under the same denomination.