There are several pigments of this denomination, varying in colour and appearance according to the colouring substances used and modes of preparation. They are usually in the form of drops, and their colours are in general bright yellow, very transparent, and not liable to change in an impure atmosphere, - qualities which would render them very valuable pigments, were they not soon discoloured, and even destroyed, by the opposite influence of oxygen and light, both in water and oil; in which latter vehicle, like other lakes in general, they are bad dryers, and do not stand the action of white lead or metallic colours. If used, therefore, it should be as simple as possible. Of these lakes, the following are the best: -

1. Quercitron Lake, Or Quercitron Yellow

Quercitron Lake, Or Quercitron Yellow, is what its names imply. It is dark in substance, in grains of a glossy fracture, perfectly transparent, and when ground is of a beautiful yellow colour, more durable than the common yellow lakes, although not perfectly permanent.

In painting it follows and adds richness and depth to gamboge in water, and goes well into varnish; but the lead used in rendering oils desic-cative, browns it, and for the same reason it is useless in tints.

2. Dutch Pink, English And Italian Pinks

Dutch Pink, English And Italian Pinks, are sufficiently absurd names of yellow colours prepared by impregnating whitening, etc. with vegetal yellow tinctures, in the manner of rose pink, from which they borrow their name.

They are bright yellow colours, extensively used in distemper and for paper-staining, and other ordinary purposes; but are little deserving attention in the higher walks of art, being in every respect inferior even to the yellow lakes, except the best kinds of English and Italian pinks, which are, in fact, yellow lakes, and richer in colour than the pigments generally called yellow lake.

The pigment called Stil, or Stil de grain, is a similar preparation, and a very fugitive yellow, the darker kind of which is called brown-pink.