Paste Cement for Fixing Metal Letters on Glass. To be used by specialist in doing this work, the material is ground in putty like form and put up in one or two pound tin cans for easy carriage. Grind 70 lbs. dry white lead and 15 lbs. bolted English cliffstone Paris white in a mixture of 10 lbs. refined or bleached linseed oil and 5 lbs. white damar varnish. The user wets this paste with a little turpentine and fills the hollow part of the metal letter and places it on the glass.

Casein Cement for Filling Holes and Interstices in Stone. Mix 10 parts by weight of casein, 40 parts slaked lime and 40 parts fine sand and enough mineral color to match the stone with sufficient water to form a paste.

Cement for Uniting Stone to Stone, Glass to Iron, etc. Make a paste of powdered litharge and glycerine and use immediately, as it hardens rapidly. This is a very good aquatic cement.

Cement for Marble, Tiles, etc. Mix by measure 2 parts of white Portland cement, one part air slaked lime and one part powdered litharge with enough silicate of soda of 33 ° Be strength to make a thin paste.