To prepare this in the proper way, in quantity, a steam jacketted copper kettle is the best apparatus, and in this the following quantities of material are placed, until finally the whole mass is thoroughly amalgamated and uniform:

20 pounds yellow country pure beeswax

all bro-ken or sliced

8 pounds carnauba wax

8 pounds paraffine wax

When the waxes are melted, add 6 ounces of good pure oil soap and 10 Troy grains of fat oil yellow, lemon shade (oil soluble aniline) and 3 ounces synthetic oil of almonds (oil of myrbane); turn off steam and thin, while agitating the mixture with 6 1/2 gallons spirits of turpentine and 3 1/2 gallons heavy naphtha (turpentine substitute). This batch should produce, allowing for some loss by evaporation and shrinkage, 100 lbs. floor wax. Keep agitated and fill into tin cans, while warm, using friction cover cans, pints for one pound size, quarts for 2 pound size, half gallons for 4 pound size and gallons for 8 pounds.