A paste drier used by manufacturers of printers' and lithographers' inks in the consistency of fairly stiff putty is produced by pulverizing fine 32 pounds anhydrous white sugar of lead and 8 pounds fused resinate of manganese in 8 gallons of double boiled manganese oil to impalpable fineness. May be ground on a good stone mill with large eye and finished smooth on roller mill.

Paste Drier Without Manganese

This is useful for mixing with white oil paint, where the pink cast given by manganese salts is to be avoided, as for inside work: Mix 7 pounds dried zinc sulphate, 3 1/2 pounds fine litharge, 2 lbs. white sugar of lead in 2 1/2 pounds pale boiled oil and grind fine as possible. Then mix 20 pounds dry white lead and 50 pounds bolted Paris white with 15 pounds pale boiled oil, grind and on the last run through mill, add the 15 pounds of driers, first ground to make 100 pounds of soft paste drier.