Guynemer's Drier, that at one time was quite a favorite for drying zinc, especially for flat inside work is now practically obsolete, even in Europe. It was ground with too much zinc oxide to exhibit great drying strength. Zumatic Drier also is not a good drier for the purpose as manganese borate, which was a component part of the material, has the bad fault of making inside walls dry out pinkish, when coated with white, in which it is used.

15 lbs.

resinate of zinc, powdered;

10 "

sulphate of zinc, well dried;

50 "

zinc oxide, American;

25 "

refined or bleached linseed oil;

are ground very fine and put up in suitable containers. One pound of this drier will dry from 25 to 50 lbs. of zinc white or lithopone paste paint, thinned for flatting with turpentine.

Resinate Of Zinc Drier

Resinate of zinc, when precipitated and packed in casks is very apt to be subject to spontaneous combustion and to make a paste drier with zinc resinate alone, it is best to use fused zinc resinate, dissolving 10 pounds in 10 gallons of varnish makers' linseed oil and in the resulting drying liquid grind dry zinc oxide at the rate of 25 pounds of the oil to 75 pounds zinc, producing a rather soft paste.