I This may be made by mixing the aluminum bronze powder with the celluloid bronzing liquid (so-called banana oil) at the rate of 18% by weight of the powder and 82% by weight of the liquid, resulting in a yield of 12 gallons liquid bronze, after allowing for waste and evaporation, while mixing.

II Another method of production is to make the celluloid liquid on the following plan: Purchase waste cuttings or chips of celluloid, selecting only those, that are not dyed, but either translucent or at most a milky white, dissolving them in wood alcohol, amylacetate and refined fusel oil, then adding the powder as in I. 3 pounds celluloid chips are dissolved in 60 pounds by weight of 95% wood alcohol or 188° denatured alcohol, 20 pounds by weight of amylacetate and 5 pounds by weight of refined fusel oil, the last named being added when the chips are dissolved. Result 12 gallons liquid, with which is mixed 15 pounds fine aluminum bronze powder, yielding 12 3/4 gallons liquid bronze paint.